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Driving Licence

Just achieved another major milestone here – I got a Pennsylvania driving licence! All very exciting. I’ve been the proud holder of a learner’s permit since I successfully took my theory test yesterday (quite astonishingly easy touchscreen multi choice).

Today I showed up at the test centre with my designated driver (I had to bring someone over 18 with a PA licence), drove some fat chap in a checked shirt around a car park for 5 mins and they gave me a licence. Marvellous. I feel so safe driving around the roads knowing how rigorous the testing process is. I even managed to parallel park the SUV I’d borrowed 5 mins before the test started (you can’t take the test in a hire car!).

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“Can I have some moon rocks please?”

We’ve been putting pictures up. Inevitably there’s the odd hole that needs filling so off to Home Depot I went to buy some Polyfiller. No luck finding it so I asked. The conversation went something like this:

“Hello, I’m looking for Polyfiller.”

“Grunt. Eh? What’s that?”

“It’s what you use to fill small holes in walls.”

“You want a drill? They’re in Aisle 14”

“No I’ve drilled a hole in a wall in the wrong place. Now I want to fill it.”

Blank Stare. Then sound of penny dropping. He hands me something.

“That’s almost right but that’s for filling metal….”

(Go to beginning of conversation and repeat several times)

Needless to say we never gor there but I eventually found it myself. You’d have thought I just asked for moon rocks.

Turns out the stuff is called Spackle here. Who knew that?


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My stuff finally arrived

My stuff arrived – it is great to be reunited with it all but most exciting is that my pictures arrived. I bought myself a moving present of two paintings from the fabulously talented Alex Baraitser. They are just perfect.

Sofa pic in living room Baubly lightshade pic in dining room

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My first visitor

My father has just come to visit – and it is GREAT to have him here. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in Home Depot and those sorts of awful places – somehow having someone to share the experience makes it fun. Dad in Home Depot

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