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Ever tried to get an unconscious fat man into a wetsuit?

Back to Ikea to pick up the mattress for the sofa bed in spare room and a missing thingumy  for the other bed. I totally underestimated size of mattress so spent 25 mins wrestling the thing into the back of the car.

Imagine trying to get an unconscious fat man into a wet suit and you’ll have an idea of the challenge involved. So thrilled with eventual success of getting it into car that left the mystery bed bit behind. Aaaargh.

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Learning experience of the day

Learning experience of the day: even when you order home delivery from Ikea, you have to actually pick up all the stuff yourself.

Used to the hellhole that is the Washington Dulles arrival facility I was surprised by the fantastic efficiency of my arrival direct to Philadelphia. I made it from the plane to the hire car in under 45 mins after breezing through immigration.

Basking in this good fortune I thought I’d pop into Ikea with my shopping list and order all my stuff for delivery.

How wrong I was. Even when you want it delivered, you still have to actually pick the stuff off the shelves (yes even big stuff – in this case, a sofa, two armchairs, and two beds) stick it on a trolly and wheel it through checkout then wheel it all the way down the corridor to the delivery people. Tricky at the best of times – just don’t try it on your own!

Yes that’s all mine

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I’ve finally done it

So I’ve finally done it – I’ve moved to the US. It has been on the horizon as a possible future for so long I can hardly believe I’m doing it

I have mixed feelings about the move. One the one hand I’m excited about the new challenges and the adventure of it all. On the other hand I’m leaving behind all my friends and family to move to somewhere I don’t know anyone. Also, I know it will be tough, certainly for the first few months as I settle in.

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